Fotografías de la vida

A space

to share

life and faith

Are you young and have many questions that arise about life?

Are you in search of answers, of horizons, of an orientation? Do you have dreams for your life and are you wondering about the choices to make?

If so, it is a sign of a heart, available and open, that does not want to accommodate, but rather to live and live fully.

For these young, restless and searching hearts, we want to offer a space for formation here .

We want it to be an open space for questions, dialogue and sharing on the fundamental issues that question you.

Proposal of topics

1.  ¿Por qué el mal?

     ¿Por qué a mí?

     - Dios y el mal

     - ¿Cómo responde Dios?

     - Afrontar el mal

2. Dios te quiere libre

3. "Amaros unos a otro".

    ¿Qué es amar de verdad?