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Since 2009 we have been going to Morocco twice a year: at Easter and in summer.


Thanks to the collaboration with Moroccan associations or with the local Church, we offer volunteer activities with disabled children, migrants and elderly people.

At the same time, the young people have an experience of community life: participating in daily tasks and sharing times of prayer and formation.

The young people have the opportunity to discover another culture and religion: they have the experience of going out to meet others, and also to meet God.


This experience will make you CROSS borders
and launches you to LOVE

You just need to be open to the smiles of children, the tenderness of the elderly and the kindness of refugees. Where there are hardly any Christians, your faith can grow.

The experience of living in a community with other young people and with us is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to share the best of yourself for everyone.

 Do you dare to cross borders?

Image by yucar studios
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