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I am, you are always a mission;


all baptized

It's a mission"

(Cf. Pope Francis)

“OMI Missionary School”

It arises as a result of the missionary experiences of Peru, Morocco in the summer months, where young people participated who wanted to share and live these experiences with us.  

In the pandemic year an initiative emerged to give continuity to these experiences.  An online Missionary School was launched for a week with a specific theme of formation, prayer and encounter, 30 young people participated.

This initiative was very enriching and fruitful due to the response of the young people and thanks to the generous dedication of the sisters who prepared it.

EM mayo 2023.png

These type of encounter continue this year again.

If you want to participate in the OMI Missionary School, contact us:

“We missionaries are made like this:

It is normal to leave, it is necessary to move;

tomorrow the roads will be our homes;

if we are forced to stop for some

time in a house, we will transform it

on the way to God”.

Mario Borzaga OMI

Program of this meeting:

- Talk on "the vision for the Oblate mission with young people: context and goals" from the framework document published by the Oblates in 2019

- Testimony of Eduardo OMI, currently in the Anglo-Irish province, in his mission with young people

- Share our experiences

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