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Our communities

We currently have five formation and mission communities: three in Spain, one in Germany, and recently we are opening a new community in Peru, in the diocese of Cajamarca (Northern part of Peru in the mountains).

We started the community in Germany in 2017. It is our first community outside of Spain. 


Community of Maudes

In the community of Maudes, erected as the General House, live the sisters who are in the first formation. They are dedicated above all to the study of theology and carry out different pastorals in Madrid.

c/ Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde 18A
28005 Madrid

Community of San Diego

The community of San Diego in Vallecas (Madrid) carries out its mission in a parish, in collaboration with the Franciscans of the TOR, (catecheses, liturgy, attention in Cáritas), just as they participate in the pastoral care of the Raimundo Lulio school.  

Avda. San Diego 61
28053 Madrid

unnamed (4).jpg

Community of San Cristobal

The community of San Cristóbal is dedicated above all to the pastoral care of the parish in rural areas, just as they collaborate in the pastoral care of health in the diocese of Segovia. The mission in Segovia began in the year 2020.

c/ Camino de los Arrieta 20
40197 San Cristobal de Segovia (Segovia)

Community of Saint Lioba (Germany)

This community is located in western Germany near the border with the Netherlands. There, the sisters live and work in the pastoral care of the local parish and in the pastoral care of the Oblates' school. 

c/ Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde 18A
28005 Madrid


Community of Bambamarca (Peru)

The community of Peru has just started its journey. The sisters will collaborate in coordinating the religion professors, in the university ministry, the parish ministry, as well as they will go to the most distant towns to bring the Good News to the poor.

Jr. San Martin 258
06116 Bambamarca (Peru)

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