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Love unlimited

In the summer of 2015, we went to Peru for the first time, to the province of Cajamarca to the town of Morán Lirio, which is 3400 m  high. One of our sisters comes from this place and we went to celebrate the thanksgiving mass for her perpetual vows with her family. Since then we have gone every summer with volunteer missionaries.


It is a place where the presence of the Church is very scarce, but the people manifest a great thirst for God. There was born a great desire to lead these people to the love of God that they yearn for so much. But they themselves also transmit this love of God with their presence and hospitality.

You will cross many borders until you reach this place high in the Andes. It will also be a journey in which you will cross personal borders and your heart will be able to grow in faith, hope and love.

This experience touches your HEART and launches you to LOVE

You just need to open it to the smile of children, the tenderness of the elderly and the kindness of the indigenous people. Where the vegetation almost ends, your heart can begin to blossom.

The experience of living in a community with other young people and with us is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to share the best of yourself for everyone.

 Do you dare to cross borders?

I imagined that
a simple smile 
It would make me happy."
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