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Which is my vocation

It is very important to ask ourselves this question, in order to discover the path that God has dreamed for me
Here we offer you some help, so that you can orient yourself on your way.

Caminando por un camino vacío


Get on your way

"Do not fear, I am with you" (Is 49, 10)

Before starting to walk we must equip ourselves, prepare the backpack and good shoes to be able to walk. It is an exciting path.

Remember that to discern is to separate what we are seeing, what we feel, what we live and put light to see clearly. 


Open your heart

“Above all things take care of your heart,

because life flows from it”  (Prov 4,23)


The heart is the place where our deepest desires are born, where we can feel loved and learn to love others. If you are on the search path, your heart is like a compass that will show you the direction. There the Lord can also speak to you. 

Candados de amor
Image by FPVmat A



Listening is an art that we can learn when we stop

on one side what turns our heads.

Learning to listen is not just a matter of good ears, but also requires your whole person. This is also the case on the path of your vocational search. It requires paying attention to your surroundings and how your heart responds to what you experience. In order to listen you will have to be silent. 



Pray, not until God hears you,

but until you listen to God.


To pray, to pray, is to dialogue with someone who is always waiting to listen to you. With an open heart and ready to listen, you can begin to dialogue with the Lord. It is something simple but at first it can be difficult, but as the disciples asked him, "Lord, teach us to pray", you can also ask him. 



Walk with others

It's better when we don't go alone.

It is of great help, on any path, to have a person who goes by our side, talks with us and helps us discover the path to follow. Look for a person with whom you feel confident and who has experience in the spiritual life.  Talk to him about what you live and what you experience in prayer. 


Choose your way

Any path requires that

at some point we make a decision 


Deciding is never easy, because it requires us to choose one thing and leave the other. For this reason, take the time you need, but if you have more clearly discovered the next step to take on your path, do not delay the decision for fear of being wrong, you only continue to see the path if you take steps. 

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