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Do you dare  to participate?

Life increases by giving it and weakens in isolation and comfort.

The missionary experiences that we offer to young people help to share and live the faith, from the experience of encounter with God, in the community and through the community. They allow you to insert yourself, even for a short time, into the culture and concrete reality of the place where you go. Contact with the people we meet it opens not only our eyes, but above all our hearts, to the concrete situations they live. Each of the experiences, before leaving, has its previous preparation and training, through specific meetings that we organize.


Apart from the missionary experiences in Peru and Morocco, we offer a space for missionary formation, which helps to deepen and prepare us even more, to bring the Good News to the poor. 

Experiences we offer for young people 

Mission in Peru

There, where there is little presence of the Church, we dedicate ourselves to sharing the faith with children, youth and families. An experience that touches your heart and launches you to love.

I knew perfectly well that I'm going on a mission,

but "better dead than simple".

My "princess" airs did not last long

Maria, Teruel


(full testimony) 

Experience in Morocco

Young people have the opportunity to discover another culture and  religion: they have the experience of going out to meet the other, also to meet God. 

I honestly thought that God was carrying us

To a different culture, to a different religion,

but not. God was already waiting for us there.

Edward, Cordoba


(full testimony) 


OMI missionary school

A space for meeting and formation, which allows you to deepen your life of faith and grow in your missionary vocation. 

"Each man and woman is a mission, and this is the reason why they are living on earth. Being attracted and being sent are the two movements that our heart, especially when it is young in age, feels as internal forces of the love that promise a future and propel our existence forward"

Pope Francis

Image by Immo Wegmann

ohWhat an immense field is open to them!

"You have to try everything to expand the kingdom of Christ."

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