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Opening Easter paths

The apostles recognized the risen Jesus through his signs: the closeness of God on the road, the breaking of bread and fraternal sharing, reconciliation, peace and faith. To open Easter and resurrection paths means to actualize in our lives, in our communities and families these signs brought by the Risen One:

- that our sharing with others be more fraternal, deeper, open and trusting;

- that our gestures and words have the measure of kindness, welcome and understanding of others;

- that listening, dialogue and charity be the bridge that unites our personal and community differences;

- that peace be the fruit of reconciliation that makes us live in communion with ourselves, with God and with our brothers and sisters;

- that the heart be willing to let go of its securities in order to welcome new challenges and calls from God in faith and trust.

This is the light we are called to carry as a sign that we are men and women of resurrection. It is this Easter light that brings the contagious joy of the Gospel to our world, to our families and communities, so that together with Mary we sing at Easter: Proclaim my soul the greatness of the Lord!

Happy Easter of Resurrection!


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