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Madness of LOVE

This year is very special for us Oblates as we celebrate 25 years of community life. It seems very little, but in this time we have lived so many houses that it is very difficult to summarise them. It has been a time full of adventures, surprises, joys, illusions, but also of fear and sadness, especially for our families, who saw our path as very uncertain and uncertain. Some of them, looking back, although they remember it as a very difficult time, feel very proud of the journey we have been making as Oblates. Here we share with you the testimony of Enrique and Mari (parents) and Beatriz (sister) of Irene Omi.

For us as parents, the moment when Irene left, it was very difficult.... As the years have gone by and seeing how they have evolved and grown, we are very happy with the path they have chosen. Surely, it has not been easy for them, but we have been by their side and we are very proud. Today, we pray that God will continue to guide them in their lives, our daughter and all the Oblate sisters.

The parents of Irene omi

Enrique (father):

I understood the decision she was making; a group of girls were beginning as Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and they were the forerunners. I supported her as she began her journey as an Oblate, without having finished her studies and at a very young age.

The road for them has not been easy, but at all times we as a family have supported them. They always transmitted so much joy, peace, enthusiasm, closeness and generosity towards those most in need, that it is a pleasure to be part of this little piece of the Oblate family, always so full of God.

Mari (mother):

It was a tragic moment that marked me for many years, full of sadness for the step she was taking, I had never thought about it. It made me very anxious not to be able to see her often and the visits to her house made me even sadder.

Proud of her life's journey, which is a true madness of LOVE, there is only one explanation today, the Spirit continues to blow. As a blood sister, I feel very close to my sister and to all of them.

20th May of 2007 - The day of perpetual vows of Irene omi

Beatriz (sister):

It seems incredible that 25 years have passed. The day I found out that my sister was going to leave home to start the journey to become a congregation, I thought it was a real madness, full of illusion, hope and mixed emotions. She was leaving without really knowing where, how and in what way, but she was transmitting a joy that in a certain way gave me peace of mind. Even so, I was very sad to leave home with something so uncertain.

Enrique, Marí y Beatriz

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