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On the "camino"

Surely you already knew that the Camino de Santiago also passes through other countries besides Spain. Taking advantage of this fact we did some stages of the Camino in Germany, from Bingen to Trier, in the west of the country. We were a small group, but we were still able to have profound experiences. This stretch of the Camino, which is also marked with the usual shell, passes through some mountains that are known for their good wine. At our point of arrival, in Trier, a city already from the time of the Romans, we found the tomb of the apostle St. Matthias and the "Holy Robe".

We experienced the hospitality of the people and were able to contemplate the beauty of the landscape between mountains, vineyards, forests and meadows. We also touched our own fragility in some moments, when blisters became difficult and some part of the body "murmured".

But the small group was sustained, also through prayer and the Eucharist shared every day.

"The days with the young Oblates on the Camino de Santiago were an unforgettable experience. I have learned to overcome my limits and strengthen my faith. It was an exceptional time to get away from everyday life, which I was able to enjoy with a wonderful group. Although it has often been a big effort, I am very grateful for every moment."

Helen, 21 years old

"During the 125 km of the Camino de Santiago from Bingen to Trier, there were many moments when I could reflect on the current moment in my life and wondered how I would follow my path in the future. There were times of good conversations and also of silences, where I could think a lot. For example, when we were celebrating Mass in a forest one day, three hares came to play and were not frightened by our presence nearby. Although the Camino was not always easy, I highly recommend it and I am already looking forward to Santiago de Compostela as the goal of the Camino next time."

Peter, 24 years old


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