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Help us help in Peru

Every summer, in July and August, we have missionary experiences with young people in the Cajamarca region (Peru) and we have the desire to establish, in the future, a community there.

This year due to the circumstances of the pandemic we cannot go, but we are present collaborating with the Diocese in one of its initiatives, “Cajamarca Respira” , an organization led by the Bishop of Cajamarca together with other local organizations.

During the months of April and May, a money collection campaign is being carried out that is aimed at helping the most affected and economically disadvantaged COVID-19 patients who receive medical treatment at home.

Cajamarca has been hit hard by the pandemic. The economic situation of families has worsened and many people cannot afford the high cost of hospital healthcare. This initiative has arisen from priests from different parts of the Diocese, who, together with the people, are promoting concrete actions to buy an oxygen-generating plant, bottles and respirators, to distribute to the most vulnerable groups with fewer resources.

Las Misioneras Obltas con la diócesis de

Collaborate with us in this action by providing your financial help and we will send the money directly to this diocesan organization, “Cajamarca Respira”.



IBAN: ES49 2038 1843 02 6000506376

Do not forget to tell us your name and your ID-number if you want to deduct the donation.

For more information: call tlf: (Spain) +65158992

or write to the email:

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