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Life is woven in an active and patient way, knot by knot, allowing ourselves to be made by the One who calls us and loves us.

All the important things in life happen in a process, little by little. Any state of life requires a time of preparation, growth and maturation to be able to give life with more joy, freedom and generosity.


When Jesus chose his disciples, he first invited them to be with him and share his life, his day to day. Then he progressively taught them and explained their mission and how they should continue it as a Church.


We, as Oblate Missionaries, also follow a path of formation that helps us to identify more and more with Jesus, his way of life and continue his mission. This path is divided into several stages, which we explain to you on the side.


This itinerary is personal but we do not do it alone, rather we walk together with other sisters in community. We help each other to grow, follow the Lord and live our consecration and mission, and we do so through accompaniment, studies, different formations, sharing life and reflections, prayer, mission, etc.



Experience time

In this time you can get to know us and we get to know you. You can share with us in the community times of prayer, meetings, you can be in contact with some sisters and learn more about our way of life and mission.



It is like the first step to a more concrete discernment. It consists of living in one of our communities to know from within our life and mission. At that time there are simple formations that can help you in discernment for greater personal knowledge, spiritual life, knowing religious life, to illuminate discernment.



It is the time of initiation into Oblate religious life where the charism, our way of life and our mission, etc., are deepened. It usually lasts a year and this stage ends with the first profession where the vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and perseverance are made for the first time.


Time of "Juniorado"

Already as an Oblate, she continues to walk in this formation process. It is a time to continue growing in the vocation deepening in the concrete way of each one and as a community. Civil studies are being carried out, if they have not been completed before, and those of theology. There are also other formations that help to live consecration, mission, community life, etc. The vows are renewed every year and this stage is completed by making perpetual vows, which we call oblation.


Ongoing formation

In following the Lord as consecrated women and missionaries, we are always in formation because at each stage the Lord continues to call us to conversion and to respond to the new needs of the mission, to the needs of the people to whom he sends us. It is in the mission in community that we grow and renew our response to the love of the Lord.

“We discover our vocation in the experience of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ the Savior. This meeting supposes a constant conversion to the Gospel and an invitation to the total dedication of our life as a response to so much love received. "

                                                    (Directory of Oblate Formation)


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