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Have you ever wondered 

what it means to be an oblate?

We share our life

Here is our sister Kristin.

She was born in Germany and is 41 years old.  She lives in our missionary community in Germany.

I´m an Oblate sister because...
I have experienced that God loves me unconditionally and madly and this love I want to pass on to others.

The most exciting experience as an Oblate sister...
all the days of my Oblate life. They are all exciting, really!



What God
for those who
love him

In my community I have learned to ...

to go out of myself, to give myself, to put things in their right place.

I love to eat ...

everything (almost everything). I love to eat.

What annoys me the most ...

the mess and the lie.

 A situation at work that has helped me to deepen ...

a question from a Muslim boy in our mission in Morocco: "Why do you do this thing of helping others without getting others without getting anything in return? I don't understand it.

A book that I have loved ...

It is a book in German called: Anna schreibt an Mister Gott (Anna writes to Mr. God).

When I have a while to do what I normally like ...
drink a coffee with a piece of chocolate or look at the flowers on the terrace and take care of them.

My favorite quote from the Gospel is ...

I have many quotes that I like, but one that touches my that touches my heart every year in Advent is from1 Corinthians 2:9: "What eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor human mind conceived heard, nor human mind conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him".

A wish from the heart ...

To welcome many more sisters.

Image by Clay Banks
Saint Eugene de Mazenod

"My main occupation is to love him, my main concern is to make them love him."

Beato Jose Gerard.jpg
Blessed Joseph Gerard

 “We must love them, love them despite everything, love them always ”

retiro Sobrado 257.JPG
Maria del Mar omi

"Our place is next to the people, walking with the men and women of our time and loving them with the heart of Christ, with the kindness and tenderness with which God loves them."

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