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We currently have 5 communities for formation and mission: 4 in Spain

and 1 in Germany and soon 1 in Peru

¿Where we are?
Our communities

In the community of Maudes,

erected as General House,

5 sisters live, among them the Superior General.

Community of the General House

The community of San Diego in Vallecas (Madrid) is the house of formation in the pre-novitiate and novitiate stages. Two sisters of perpetual vows and two postulants live in this community.

San Diego Community

de San Diego

San Cristóbal Community

This community is made up of 3 sisters of perpetual vows .

They began their mission in this diocese of Segovia in 2020.


Santa Lioba Community

This community is located in western Germany near the Dutch border.

Four sisters live and work there, among other things, in the pastoral care of a school.

The German community is our first community outside of Spain.  It started in 2017.

Starting in January 2023, a new community will be opened in Peru, in the diocese of Cajamarca.

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