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Women consecrated

Open to the action of the Spirit, we want to consecrate ourselves totally to the person and work of the Savior.

Calls and  summoned

We feel called to leave everything to follow Jesus Christ, being his cooperators in the mission of the Church.  We consecrate our lives, choosing the path of the evangelical counsels.

As our mission demands, we radically follow the example of Jesus, living in chastity, poverty, obedience, and perseverance.

Convened to live in apostolic communities, we form a living cell of the Church, as a sign that in Christ, God is everything for us.


Our mission is:

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to advertise

God's love to all men

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

to embrace

those that the Lord puts us on the path from what we are and have

Image by Harli  Marten

to accompany

the life and faith processes of those who walk by our side

Our missionary spirituality, driven by our Oblation motivates our actions and keeps us continually available and open for mission. We carry it out as apostolic women following the example of Mary, virgin and mother, in communion with the Church and her shepherds and open to collaboration with others gospel workers.

Our way of carrying out the mission is characterized by the evangelization of the poorest from the personal experience of salvation, wanting to arouse or awaken faith in those we meet.

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