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Young people (18 - 35 years old)

Sharing and going out to meet others.


Holy Week

Summer (July o August)


Tetouan (North of Morocco)


Tel.: 604 23 13 30

Touch your heart

The encounters with people in Morocco will not leave you indifferent.  Each look is an opportunity to discover something else.

Change the way of looking

Since 2009 we go to Morocco twice a year: at Easter and in summer.

Thanks to the collaboration with Moroccan associations or with the local Church, we propose volunteer activities, with disabled children, migrants and the elderly.  At the same time, the young people have an experience of community life: participating in daily tasks and sharing times of prayer and formation.

Young people have the opportunity to discover another culture and religion: they have the experience of going out to meet the other, also to meet God.

Experiencia misioneras 2023

A su vez, los  jóvenes hacen una experiencia de vida comunitaria: participando en las tareas cotidianas y compartiendo tiempos de oración y formación.

Los jóvenes tienen la oportunidad de descubrir otra cultura y  religión: hacen la experiencia de salir al encuentro del otro, también al encuentro de Dios.  

Throws you to love

Every activity, no matter how simple, can become a path of loving with all your heart, those you have  ahead and God in them.

They have lived it


Daniela, Colombia

A part of my heart stayed in each of the smiles I received during the experience.

Una parte de mi corazón se quedó en cada una de las sonrisas que recibí durante la experiencia.


Eduardo, Córdoba

I honestly thought that God we took him us to a different culture, to a different religion, but no.  God was already waiting for us there.

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