Welcoming and hospitality are our way of evangelizing and at the same time prophetic signs that respond to the salvation needs of the world today.

Always close

to the people

The Oblate charism inherited from Saint Eugene

As Oblate Missionaries we participate in the charism that the Holy Spirit inspired in the heart of Saint Eugene de Mazenod more than 200 years ago. The charism received spread very quickly throughout the world, seeking above all the glory of God and the salvation of men.  It is a gift for the whole Church and also for us who are part of the Oblate family.

Each of us felt the desire to be able to live this charism from our being women.  This has been possible thanks to the availability of the first sisters who did not hesitate to start something new.  Today, we feel called to live and update the Oblate charism in the concrete circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Who was Saint Eugene?

He was born in Aix-en-Provence on August 1, 1782. As a child he lived a very comfortable and luxurious life belonging to an aristocratic family, but from a very young age he had a very strong sensitivity to the needs of others.  Everything changed with the start of the French Revolution.  Forced to flee France, he arrived in Italy where he spent most of his childhood. The first years of his life in exile have been very boring, until he met Don Bartolo Zinelli, who influenced him in his education.

Eugene does not renounce so easily his social status as an aristocrat, in fact he wants to behave as such, seeking happiness in the pleasures of life. Abandoned by his parents, he learned life through blows, which made him grow and mature.

From now on, his life changed completely. He felt deeply loved by God who touched his heart and made him find the true meaning of his life.  He no longer sought the riches of this world, because he had found the riches of his heart, which is Christ.  He left everything for him, because he felt called to go out to meet the poorest and most abandoned.

After being ordained a priest he dedicated all his strength to evangelizing the simple people, among them he seeks out the young.  He soon realized that he by himself is not capable of responding to his needs. He looked for some fellow priests with whom he founded a noble company, which he calls Missionaries Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Very soon it spread throughout the world.

His life is the reflection of what God has done in him. As founder, bishop, but above all as the father of so many Oblates, he invites us to place ourselves in the hands of God, because that is how his life reaches its fullness.

We Oblates live:

With Christ

the Savior

Our missionary zeal stems from being deeply rooted in Christ, who prompts us to proclaim to others what we have lived and experienced in our lives.

 own life.