Our source of inspiration that gathers the Charism that we feel called to update today.

Do this

and you will live

What are

the Constitutions

                          and Rules?

We want to offer you

a space here so that you can know

our Constitutions and Rules .

They are our standard of life to live as consecrated women and missionaries.

They are a treasure that each Oblate welcomes on the day of her oblation (vows) in order to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

They are an opportunity to ceaselessly renew ourselves in the charism.

They are a way to reach holiness.

The Constitution and Rules were originally written by Saint Eugene de Mazenod for the Oblate missionaries. Over time the Oblates have transformed them. Afterwards, we have accepted their Constitutions, where we are recognizing what the Holy Spirit is inspiring us to live as consecrated and missionary women.